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Star Wars: Discussing Inferno Squad and the state of the expanded universe in 2017

The biggest event on this year’s Star Wars calendar may be the release of The Last Jedi in December, but that doesn’t mean that fans have been starved of new … Continue reading

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Spider-Man: Homecoming – a spoiler free review

Everybody’s favourite web-slinger has had something of a tough time on the big screen over the past ten years or so. After dancing his way into the bad books of … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman – a spoiler free review

It’s hard to believe that a character as iconic as Wonder Woman has never had her own movie before now, especially since DC has seen fit to forge films for … Continue reading

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Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – a spoiler free review

With so many people eagerly awaiting the return of the Guardians and a couple of captivating trailers doing the rounds for Spider-Man and Thor, it looked like the bigwigs at … Continue reading

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The Fate of the Furious – movie review

Even though I’ve been an avid fan of The Fast and the Furious since before the release of its first pun-tastically titled sequel in 2003, I really wasn’t all that … Continue reading

April 20, 2017 · 1 Comment

Back to action! – a Power Rangers reboot review

Stronger than before, go Zeo! Powered up for more, go Zeo! Rangers at the core, Zeo Power Rangers…yeah, I know those lyrics aren’t related to the iteration of the franchise … Continue reading

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Jackman’s denouement – a Logan review

Having grown up engrossed by the nineties X-Men cartoon, I remember being a bit disappointed by the trailer for the team’s big screen debut back in 2000. There was no Gambit, no … Continue reading

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